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Therapeutic Offerings

Currently available via a secure video telehealth platform due to risks related to the spread of COVID-19.

I have limited availability for in-person sessions at my Oakland office location with the commitment to abide closely with recommended medical professional guidelines to mitigate risks of spreading COVID-19.


This is a space just for you, and for all parts of you.

We will dive deep into your story, get to know the characters, survey the landscapes, and together discover the support you need to promote greater connection to your wholeness, your gifts, and your purpose.


Pairs of all kinds are welcome here.

I offer a space for partners of many sorts (co-owners, colleagues, friends, co-parents, siblings, romantic partners, neighbors, sex and/or kink partners, etc.). Here we will explore your investment in the relationship, where it hurts, where it feels aligned, where it's been, and what it needs to move forward. We will discover what is getting in the way of collaborating more effectively to meet the needs of both individuals and the pair.


For families, by blood and by choice.

Family bonds are powerful and complex—their gravity can be as supportive as it can be destructive. It is important to right imbalances, relieve burdens, create new spaces to breathe and grow, and restructure power and resource distribution. We will investigate the strengths and needs of your family and

re-organize together, through new forms of communication and relating, to serve greater sustainability, cohesion, and support for each member's inherent value and needs.


For those seeking a therapist's support letter for gender-affirming medical intervention requiring this step. I have experience providing the professional intakes and letters that meet WPATH standards for both HRT-administration as well as surgery. I aim to meet you in your complexity of feelings and thoughts about these transition options, to process expectations and desires as well as fears and concerns, and to prepare you as best as possible while equipping you with the support you need to pursue this path.

Passions in the Work

  • Supporting queer and trans youth, adults, and families

  • Facilitating exploration of gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation and experience

  • Exploring identity as it relates to systemic privilege and oppression

  • Aligning with personal and political values

  • Navigating white shame and guilt, understanding impacts of white supremacy culture

  • Identifying and reworking relationship to social norms and constructs

  • Relating to spirituality and connection to meaning of existence

  • Discovering unique sense of purpose and belonging

  • Fostering healthy relationship and boundaries to self and others

  • Healing relationship to nourishment and the body

Commitment to Liberation

I strive to offer a space that welcomes people of all marginalized and stigmatized identities including, but not limited to, BIPOC, immigrant, sex worker, LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodivergent, fat, poly/cnm, and kinky.

Please feel free to ask questions and address any concerns regarding your therapeutic needs in relation to similarities and/or differences in our lived experiences when you contact me and we can discuss them further in a complimentary 20-minute initial phone call. 

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