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Alex Marterre


Dissolving False Binaries to

 Support Authentic Self-Expression


About Me

Hi there, I'm Alex. I use they/them pronouns. And I am committed to liberatory human evolution.


I am a white, queer, trans non-binary person passionate about supporting

the healing journeys of individuals, relationships, families, and communities. 

My work is informed by my lived experience and relationships, Gestalt Theory,

Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy, liberation struggles, and the stars (yes, astrology).

Foggy Pier

A space for you, and all your parts.

We will dive deep into your story, get to know the characters, survey the landscapes, and together discover the support you need to promote greater connection to your wholeness, your gifts, and your purpose.


Pairs of all kinds are welcome here.

I offer a space for partners of many sorts (co-owners, colleagues, friends, co-parents, siblings, romantic partners, neighbors, sex and/or kink partners, etc.). Here we will explore your investment in the relationship, where it hurts, where it feels aligned, where it's been, and what it needs to move forward. We will discover what is getting in the way of collaborating more effectively to meet the needs of both individuals and the pair.


For families, by blood and by choice.

Family bonds are powerful and complex—their gravity can be as supportive as it can be destructive. It is important to right imbalances, relieve burdens, create new spaces to breathe and grow, and restructure power and resource distribution. We will investigate the strengths and needs of your family and

work together to serve greater sustainability, cohesion, and support for each member and the whole.

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